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ELI Young Lawyer Award Winner 2020 – Alina Škiljić

Interleges President John North and Sjef van Erp (Chair of the European Law Institute Young Lawyers Award Jury and Professor of Civil Law at the University of Maastricht) presented Alina Škiljić with the annual ELI Young Lawyers Award at a virtual awards ceremony on 9 September 2020.

The goal of this award is to provide the young European legal community with a mechanism to propose practical suggestions for the improvement of European law, as a way of giving voice to future European legal experts and to help ELI in fulfilling its core mission of improving the quality of European law. Interleges is proud to sponsor the award.

This year’s winning paper, entitled: “Health Data inferences – an unexplored volcano eager to erupt post Covid-19 crisis: Aligning inferences with GDPR principles?”  is available here:

Health Data Inferences – An Unexplored Volcano eager to erupt post COVID-19 Crisis