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Interleges is a well-established and closely linked alliance of independent law firms with offices across the countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and America. One of the first networks of its kind, Interleges was created in 1989, and now includes firms in over twenty countries as well as correspondents approved by Interleges in many other countries.

Through Interleges, both business organisations and individuals have access to specialist lawyers who have experience in representing clients from different countries. Wherever necessary, your own lawyer and the overseas Interleges lawyer will work together on your behalf.

Each member of the association is equally committed to providing a quality service and solution to the legal issues you may have. Contact any firm in the Interleges network and you can be confident of receiving the assistance of an experienced lawyer with the requisite local knowledge to provide a quick and effective solution for you.

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Austria - Graff Nestl & Partners

As a network we provide legal services across international frontiers to enable you to find the right lawyer in a foreign country.

Finding the right lawyer in a foreign country can be difficult and can take time, but with more than 20 members in different jurisdictions, Interleges is the solution. By using Interleges you will have access to specialist and experienced lawyers with the local knowledge you need.

Finding a lawyer in a foreign country you can trust is even more difficult, but because Interleges is a well-established and closely linked alliance, you can be sure to find a lawyer you feel confident in through Interleges.

The members of Interleges frequently collaborate on projects such as publications and seminars for clients, as well as in professional matters. Exchanges between member firms are encouraged, allowing lawyers to spend time learning about the laws of another jurisdiction and the way law is practiced there. The members also meet annually for a three day conference, hosted by a different member each year, which combines the Interleges Annual General Meeting with a chance for members to mix socially.


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Belgium - Philippe & Partners


Brazil - Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano Advogados


Czech Republic - Cermák a spol


Dubai - Trench and Associates


England / UK - Royds Withy King


France – M.B. & Associés


Germany - Steiner & Roloff


Ireland - Reddy Charlton Solicitors


Israel - Shai Carmel & Co.


Italy - Studio Legale de Bosio & Vecchione


Lebanon - Etude Badri & Salim El Meouchi


Mexico - Canales y Socios: Perez, Estrada, Garza, Aldrete y Paéz


Netherlands - Weski Heinrici Advocaten


Portugal - Antonio Leitão e Carlos Serafim


Spain - Legse Abogados


Sweden - Delphi


Switzerland - Avv Antonio Monti


Switzerland - Rohner Rechtsanwälte


Turkey - Ictem Legal


Ukraine - T & O Buyanovskaya


USA - Anderson Kill
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